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Consignment Shops That Buy Wedding Dresses EXCLUSIVE

Your best bet is to go with a niche-specific site that focuses on selling and reselling wedding-related items, including wedding dresses. These sites are targeted at brides who are specifically looking for a secondhand wedding dress.

consignment shops that buy wedding dresses

Tradesy is an online marketplace for designer clothing and accessories, including wedding dresses. Creating a listing is simple, and you can set your own price. If you want to sell your wedding dress on the site, it needs to be in excellent condition.

The app makes it easy to share your listings for shoppers to discover. It offers custom filters and has a large selection of bridesmaid and wedding dresses. You can communicate with potential buyers within the app, making it easier to keep everything in one place.

Wore It Once is a platform that connects buyers and sellers of used wedding dresses, gowns, jewelry, shoes, and other clothing items. You can sell your wedding dress by setting up your own custom shop where you can list other wedding-related items as well.

Another option to sell your wedding dress is the aptly-named website Sell My Wedding Dress. There are two options for listing your dress: a basic listing, which costs $19.99, and a premium one that starts at $29.99, which includes a featured listing and better placement for your ad.

Since these shops specifically focus on selling wedding-related items like wedding gowns, accessories, and shoes, this is your best chance for getting your dress in front of local buyers looking specifically for a wedding dress.

The time it will take to sell your wedding dress depends on various factors including the brand, style, size, and condition. Also, keep in mind that the popularity of the marketplace or store you select to use for your listing will play a role in how much traffic your dress gets and how quickly it sells.

My daughter is getting married soon. Earlier in the year, she found her perfect wedding gown and veil. We bought it and paid for it. A few months later, we were out looking for bridal party dresses. While doing that my daughter found her perfect gown. It fit her perfectly and was nicer than the first one she bought. We bought that one. So now she has two wedding gowns and veils. I would like to sell the 1st one as it is brand new and has never been altered or touched. I would like to get in touch with someone who may be able to use or buy from me (and then they can resell to someone else if they wanted). Thanks for all your help!

At Savvy Bridal, we want our clients to be aware of their options when looking to sell their wedding dresses. Here are some essential tips to follow and some places you should consider for selling your dress.

It takes time to sell a wedding dress. Buying a wedding dress is a once-in-a-lifetime moment that brides want to get right the first time. Therefore, selling your gown may take longer than you initially anticipated.

There are a few different options you can consider when looking for a place to sell your gown. Many people sell their wedding dresses online on marketplaces that sell used wedding items, while others focus on selling locally. Wherever you decide to sell your gown, there are many tactics you can try to get the price you want.

You can also sell your wedding dress at local wedding consignment shops. These shops specifically focus on used wedding items and are targeted to local buyers. However, they may also charge fees and a commission rate to help you sell your gown.

Bridesmaids' Dresses: We typically do not take bridesmaids' dresses on consignment. However, if you have a group of three or more bridesmaids' dresses; none worn or altered, we would consider them

To sell, you can use a current listing as inspiration, or you can start from scratch. Any photos you upload will be automatically enhanced by Tradesy, and they will suggest a price for your item if you are unsure where to price it. For wedding items, once you sell, print a pre-paid label and ship using your own materials. Otherwise, non-wedding items qualify for a free shipping box and materials. Better yet, if the buyer returns your item due to something that is not your fault, Tradesy handles everything, and you get to keep your money.

Poshmark is a resale site for all types of used clothing, including wedding gowns! Best viewed through their apps (download the Android or iPhone app here and use our referral code UPNLW to receive $5 to spend), Poshmark is a vast marketplace of new and pre-owned fashion, accessories, shoes, and more. Their selection of wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses is impressive.

You will want to consider the darling site Once Wed when selling your bridal gown, bridesmaid dress, or wedding accessories. With over 4000 dresses available for purchase, Once Wed offers a great selection for brides of any shape or size.

This is the second article of our three-part series looking at the best places to buy a sample, consignment, or used wedding dress across the state of Texas. This time we are focusing on the top five places to buy a discounted wedding dress in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Impressively enough, most of the shops featured in this article boast a great online presence. Hopefully, this article will help our Dallas/Fort Worth brides know where to buy wedding dress gems at amazing prices and with great style. And if there are any notable omissions or errors, please let us know in the comments (for those looking for a discounted wedding dress in San Antonio or Austin or the greater Houston area, check out the linked articles).

A well-reviewed bridal consignment shop, Anonymously Yours boasts of maintaining over 600 brand new bridal dresses at their location. Most of their bridal inventory consists of sample wedding gowns that are new with tags. The website allows you to browse samples of the types of wedding dresses the store maintains in its inventory. Bridal viewing is by appointment, but it is not required. Anonymously Yours is definitely a place you want to check out if you're looking for brand name wedding dress designers at discounted prices.

Sunday's Bridal is a bridal salon that exclusively sells "off-the-rack" wedding dresses. "Off-the-rack" wedding dresses are typically sample gowns or surplus gowns that the salon has received from other bridal salons or wedding dress manufacturers. Because the salon does not order dresses, brides can take home their chosen wedding dress the day they visit the salon. The shop's entire inventory is online and brides must make an appointment to try them on in-store. Sunday's Bridal is definitely a required visit for any bride looking for a discounted designer wedding dress.

Clotheshorse Anonymous is Dallas' first and largest luxury consignment clothing store. DFW residents have been flocking to this store since 1974 for its incredible selection of high-end designer handbags, shoes, jewelry, clothing, and accessories. While not a formal bridal salon, you never know what you may find at a place like Clotheshorse Anonymous. Scoring a stunning, floor-length white dress to use as your main wedding dress or for your reception is definitely a possibility. So don't overlook this consignment boutique when searching for an inexpensive wedding dress.

Halo by Lovely and Re:BéBride represents online options for the bride looking for luxury for less. They are both the sister companies of bridal salons located in the Dallas area. Halo by Lovely is the online sister store to the Lovely bridal boutique. This online store boasts new, once worn, and sample dresses from the wedding dress designers available in the main store. Many of the dresses are from former Lovely brides who have consigned their once-worn dresses with Halo.

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Thrift stores, consignment shops and gently worn stores: Give yourself plenty of time for this. You may find something immediately, or you may search for months. Visit the same store again and again and let the proprietor know what you are looking for. Leave your contact information and ask that if a gown comes in, you be notified.

My absolute favorite television show on Friday nights after a long week is Say Yes to the Dress. Even though I have been married for over 5 years and am no longer planning my own wedding, it's still great to see brides enter into Kleinfeld Bridal with dreams of finding that perfect dress. For me, dress shopping looked a lot different, visiting different boutiques in the Houston area, trying to find the perfect gown at the right price.

I was determined to leave no stone un-turned and that included exploring the city for consignment, resale, and sample wedding dresses. There are a multitude of ways to find a bargain wedding dress, including many online retailers. But I wanted to focus on brick and mortar stores around the state where brides can find deals on sample and/or gently used wedding dresses.

Family owned and operated, Marry Go Round Bridal bills itself as the only full service consignment shop in Houston. While you can browse and look at the dresses, you need an appointment to try a dress on. Check their Facebook page for new dress arrivals.

Estila Bridal, is a bridal boutique that specializes in the dress rental exclusively for Gowns by Pamela (yes, you can rent wedding dresses as well, but we'll discuss that in another post). Esila Bridal does sell select used gowns. They operate by appointment only.

Cheeky Vintage is more of a vintage dress and accessory shop, than a specialized wedding boutique, but that doesn't take away from its awesomeness. We listed it here because they occasionally have wedding dresses and the style we've witnessed is impeccable. Although they update their Facebook page with new arrivals, you can browse and shop their inventory from the shop website. We searched for "wedding" and came up with several interesting listings. 041b061a72


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