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Where To Buy A Home Bar

This Bar Table will be a captivating addition to your living space. The distinctive curved shape provides an excellent serving spot and adds a modern twist to the unit. Our home bar is made of solid metal frame, the shelves and bar top are made of wear-resistant MDF material, making it more durable and more resistant to scratches. Conveniently place your wine glasses, bottles, mixers and other accessories on this home bar table.

where to buy a home bar

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Exceptionally crafted from solid Indian mango wood, the Lauderhill bar is a fun, functional, and stylish bar that every home longs to have. The dark brown polish and unique door and drawer handles give the Lauderhill a touch of posh. With space for wine bottles, cocktail glasses, and accessories, the Lauderhill is sure to turn your night-out into a night-in.

This bar set boasts mixed materials and a clean-lined silhouette, adding a modern rustic vibe along with industrial accents to your home. It has a metal frame with a matte black finish, while engineered wood shelves and backing infuse vintage-inspired charm into your space. Some shelves are slatted, making them great for setting down baskets or laying bottles on their sides. Other areas are smooth and spacious, ideal for mixing or drink prep. There are also hanging racks for stemware and hooks for mugs up top.

Gather friends for casual tastings or fun parties with this home bar at the center. Made from engineered wood in a gray and black finish, it features a clean-lined design that takes inspiration from lodge-style aesthetics. It shows off a rectangular tabletop for serving drinks, while built-in storage offers six shelves for your spirits and bottles. Six stemware racks provide easy storage for your wine glasses, while a wine rack comes with 21 slots for your favorite vintages. Our favorite perk? This bar has a finished back, so you can place it facing the room.

Coupes are historically 6 to 8 ounces, and are used for drinks served without ice. After straining the cocktail into the glass, the liquid should settle just below the rim. These can replace martini glasses, which spill far too easily to be worth buying for your home bar.

It's got a lid, a tong, a scoop, massive space, a strainer, and it doesn't look like a garbage can or countertop composter. That's all you should ask for in a home bar ice bucket. But should you want one that's looks even more refined but comes with less tools, FineDine's got one that we also endorse.

Although big pieces of furniture like bar hutches, buffets, and cabinets are good for some spaces, not everyone needs that much room. If you have a smaller space, consider organizing your barware with a vertical tower or shelving unit. You should be able to access everything you need without taking up valuable space with an oversized unit. Purchase online for your convenience, and have bar shelves and towels shipped straight to your home.

Whiskey is probably the most complicated decision for your home bar inventory. If you like Scotch or Irish whiskey, then stock it. But the most bang for your buck will be keeping a bourbon around, and potentially supplementing it with a rye whiskey.

And that should do it! Don't forget to create a bar cleaning checklist to keep your bar looking good. Brands like Branch Basics and Windex make ideal glass and surface cleaner products for cleaning your home bar.

While the lists above are a great breakdown of everything you might need, when it comes to your home bar, you'll need to get a bit more specific. How to stock a home bar is as much about the home as the bar liquor list. When it comes to your home bar, start by thinking about what you want on hand, and then think about your guests, and what they'll enjoy. A home bar can be as personal as you'd like.

Effectively, a full bar includes a smattering of all the liquor types, and mixers and drink creation tools. If you want your home bar to work for entertaining large groups of guests, stocking a full bar liquor list is a great choice. If, however, you're more a fan of small gatherings, picking your favorite parts of a full bar list will work just fine.

If you're just starting out in the bar scene, and you want something classic for your home bar, picking up the most common liquors is a good starting point. For the most common liquor options, you'll want some rum, as well as some tequila, whiskey, and vodka. A lot of basic drinks are made with those liquors as the base alcohol.

The Umami Mart glass also snugly fits the OXO Hawthorne strainer that we recommend, and its small spout makes straining a drink into a cocktail glass a foolproof affair. We think a nice mixing glass like this one truly adds to the art of mixing cocktails at home and will look great displayed on your bar or bar cart.

One great thing about this is most of these home bars are delivered fully assembled right at your doorstep. Talk about saving time and effort. Check out these 12 large home bars that you can purchase hassle-free.

This home bar has a sliding countertop that creates more space. The surface is hand-rubbed with a multi-step finish. There are beveled/tempered glass doors. The knobs are made of brushed nickle. The bar molding is impressive as well. This could be used as a patio bar.

In the center of the bar, there are several slots for wine bottles. There are adjustable levelers in the legs. Overall, this home bar has an elegant stance and lots of storage space. It would attract many customers.

This bar will fill any empty wall in the home. It has a traditional distressed walnut finish and optional hutch. There are plenty of shelves and drawers. Add a counter stool (sold separately) for guests, and it will become the perfect indoor bar. It would look great in the dining room.

This home bar is made of hardwoods, veneers, Italian marble, and metal. It has a rustic cherry finish with a protective clear coat. The shape is unique; it has a demilune structure (curved). There are swing-out drawers and shelves for storage.

If you enjoy entertaining, a well-stocked home bar should be checked off your to-do list before having company over. Of course, people have their go-to drinks and many people may not be liquor drinkers or into very complex or lesser-known cocktails. Regardless, everyone deserves to feel at home when spending time with family or friends, and being given a familiar, favorite drink is a simple, but meaningful gesture that goes a long way toward making someone feel welcome.

Dark rum undergoes the same distillation process as white rum. The only difference is what happens afterward. White rum is bottled soon after distillation is completed, whereas dark rums are aged inside wooden barrels for an extended period of time. This maturation process is what gives dark rum its color and flavor. Oak barrels are typically used to mature rums, but dark rum is matured specifically in charred oak barrels. This contributes a deeper color and a more complex flavor profile.

Tequila is booming and there should always be a place on your home bar for a bottle. This spirit, native only to Mexico, is made from the blue agave plant. Agave farmers, known as Jimadors, strip the agave of its leaves and then juice the core by heating and crushing them. The liquid extracted from the agave cores is then fermented and distilled and is then officially tequila. This distillate is tequila Blanco, which, like white rum, is bottled straight after distillation.

Mezcal is another agave-based spirit that is lesser known, but its spot on your home bar is well-deserved. Mezcal is, however, slowly gaining popularity. As of 2020, the United States received over 371,000 nine-liter cases of the spirit, 67,000 for domestic shipments in Mexico.

Flavored whiskies can actually be a fun way of upping the festiveness of a cocktail. For example, if you like a classic Old Fashioned, try making one with pumpkin whiskey or maple bourbon. In the wintertime, get cozy with a glass of chocolate whiskey or add a splash to your hot cocoa. Flavored whiskey may seem like a novelty, but the wide variety on the market should be a testament to its popularity. As always, it may not be for you, but it may be for a guest, and if you like entertaining, you'll want to be prepared to make anyone feel at home.

You can have a wide variety of liquor, but if you like mixing cocktails or want to get into doing so, those bottles won't mean much without mixers. The most essential mixers for your home bar are vermouth and bitters.

A home bar would be a welcomed addition for those that use their living room, great room or family room for entertaining. The amount of space you have will determine the size and style of the bar you add, but there are plenty of choices available.

It could be as simple as setting up a bar and some stools with a kegerator or a refrigerator, or you could finish your DIY basement bar with insulated walls and flooring to create a space for hanging out and enjoying some drinks. Think of an unfinished basement as a blank canvas where you can use your imagination to create the ultimate home bar from the (under)ground up.

Why use your garage to park your car or store your lawnmower when you can use it as a place to drink with your friends! A garage bar is similar in concept to a basement bar or man cave, but it has a couple of features that make it unique. First, it gives you a place to entertain without actually having to invite people inside your house. Plus, if your garage is completely detached from your dwelling, you can make a little bit more noise than inside your home when you have kids or anyone else trying to sleep or not wanting to socialize.

Before you start building there are a few other things to consider adding to complete the look of your home bar. Constructing a back bar or installing bar rail molding and foot rail can give your home bar a more authentic look and feel, as well as provide some added storage or comfort.

Installing a run of bar foot rail to your home bar adds a touch of style and class while providing your guests with a place to rest their feet as they sit or stand. KegWorks bar foot rail kits provide you with everything you need to install a straight run of bar rail. Bars with an angled layout can use an elbow fitting to connect runs of bar rail around a corner. Use our guide to Planning & Installing Bar Foot Rails to learn more about adding foot rail to your bar. 041b061a72


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