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Crowd Disabler Tool Pes 2015 Crack

Crowd Disabler Tool Pes 2015 Crack

PES 2015 is a popular soccer simulation game developed by Konami and released in 2014. The game features realistic graphics, gameplay, and physics, as well as licensed teams, players, and stadiums. However, some players may experience lag or low performance when playing PES 2015 on their PC, especially when there are many spectators in the stadium. This can affect the enjoyment and quality of the game.


Fortunately, there is a solution for this problem: the Crowd Disabler Tool. This is a small tool that allows players to disable or enable the crowd of PES 2015 stadiums. By disabling the crowd, the game can run smoother and faster, without sacrificing the other aspects of the game. The Crowd Disabler Tool was created by _anderson and later updated by sxsxsx. It works by modifying the dt30.cpk file, which contains the data for the crowd.

To use the Crowd Disabler Tool, players need to follow these steps:

  • Download the Crowd Disabler Tool from one of these links: [Crowd Disabler Tool PES 2015 - by anderson] or [PES 2015 Crowd Disabler Tool version 1.1 by sxsxsx].

  • Extract the zip file to a folder of your choice.

  • Backup your original dt30.cpk file, which is located in your PES 2015 Data folder.

  • Run Jenkey's File Explorer, which is included in the zip file. Click "Open" and go to your PES 2015 Data folder and open dt30.cpk.

  • Click on the "Tools" button and select "Import all files from folder".

  • Select the "root" folder that you extracted from the zip file and click OK. Wait until it says "Imported!" on the bottom.

  • Click "Save" and wait. The tool may seem stuck for a few seconds, but do not force close it.

  • Close Jenkey's File Explorer and run PES 2015. You should notice that there is no crowd in the stadium.

If you want to enable the crowd again, you can either restore your backup dt30.cpk file or use sxsxsx's tool, which has an option to enable or disable the crowd with a single click.

The Crowd Disabler Tool is a useful tool for players who want to improve their PES 2015 performance and experience. However, it is not an official tool from Konami, and it may not work with future updates or patches of the game. Therefore, players should use it at their own risk and discretion. Also, some players may prefer to have a crowd in the stadium, as it adds to the realism and atmosphere of the game. In that case, they can try to lower their graphics settings or upgrade their PC hardware to achieve better performance.

The Crowd Disabler Tool is one of the many tools and mods that are available for PES 2015 fans. These tools and mods can enhance or customize various aspects of the game, such as gameplay, graphics, sound, kits, faces, stadiums, balls, etc. They can be found on various websites and forums dedicated to PES 2015 modding, such as [PES patch], [PeSoccerWorld], [PES Edit], etc. However, players should always be careful when downloading and installing these tools and mods, as some of them may contain viruses or malware, or may conflict with each other or with the game itself. Therefore, players should always backup their original files before applying any changes, and follow the instructions provided by the creators of the tools and mods.

PES 2015 is a great game that offers a realistic and immersive soccer simulation experience. With the help of tools like the Crowd Disabler Tool, players can optimize their performance and enjoy the game even more. However, players should also respect the work of Konami and the original creators of PES 2015, and not use these tools for illegal or unethical purposes, such as cracking or pirating the game. PES 2015 is a game worth buying and supporting, as it provides hours of fun and entertainment for soccer fans around the world.


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