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Kick 2009 Dvdrip South Indian Hindi Dubbed Full Movie

Kick 2009 Dvdrip South Indian Hindi Dubbed Full Movie

Kick is a 2009 Telugu-language action comedy film directed by Surender Reddy and starring Ravi Teja, Ileana, and Shaam. The film was a huge commercial success and was later remade in Tamil, Hindi, and Kannada. The film revolves around Kalyan, a thrill-seeker who becomes a notorious thief, and his love interest Naina, who is pursued by a police officer named Krishna.


The Hindi dubbed version of Kick was released in 2010 and features the same cast as the original. The film was dubbed by Goldmines Telefilms and has over 100 million views on YouTube. The film retains the original Telugu dialogues and songs, with Hindi subtitles. The film also has some minor changes in the plot and characters to suit the Hindi audience.

Plot Summary

Kalyan is a happy-go-lucky guy who always looks for a kick in his life. He meets Naina, a psychiatrist, and falls in love with her. However, he quits his job as he finds it boring and breaks up with Naina as she scolds him for being irresponsible. He then decides to become a thief and steals money from corrupt politicians to help children suffering from cancer. He calls himself Devil and leaves his signature mark at every crime scene.

Krishna is a young and honest police officer who is assigned to catch Devil. He meets Naina in a train and learns about her past with Kalyan. He also develops feelings for her and proposes to her. Naina agrees to marry him, but still has feelings for Kalyan. Meanwhile, Kalyan continues his robberies and challenges Krishna to catch him.

Kalyan and Naina meet again in Malaysia, where Kalyan pretends to have lost his memory due to an accident. Naina tries to help him recover his memory and also hopes to start their relationship anew. However, Kalyan reveals that he faked his amnesia to get close to her again. He also tells her that he loves her and asks her to elope with him.

Naina is confused and torn between Kalyan and Krishna. She decides to go with Kalyan, but changes her mind at the last moment and chooses Krishna instead. Kalyan accepts her decision and wishes her happiness. He then escapes from the police and boards a flight with the money he stole. However, he finds out that the money has been replaced by fake notes by Krishna, who had anticipated his move.

Kalyan is impressed by Krishna's intelligence and calls him to congratulate him. He also tells him that he has one last kick left in his life: to surrender himself to the police and face the consequences of his actions. He then jumps off the plane with a parachute, leaving his fate unknown.