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Best Of Ben Ben Playlist Music - MOOD MUSIC - !!EXCLUSIVE!!

The music video of the song was directed by Jorel Lising, responsible for the direction of the music video of Pagtingin, and was released on November 9, 2020.[10][11] The music video shows each member performing in various settings with Kintsugi artform as the background, moving to dim spaces, and performing together in a well illuminated room in the end.[12][13]

Best of Ben ben Playlist Music | - MOOD MUSIC - |

lost my best friend 1 uear ago,hurts every day. We loved cars and trucks and built and showed alot of them,80s rock was our music. Found a song after his passing performed by the group Wasp titled miss you,its hard to listen to but it is a perfect message if he could here it.

I have met different versions of myself, marked by the pop culture I consumed across time. On the LiveJournal blog I kept through my late teen years during the aughts, I have repeatedly self-professed as an emo kid. Later, I would smoothen out my identity as a fan of indie music popular in the late 2000s to early 2010s. Now navigating my 30s, I am at a phase which I call a return to sentiment. I cycle through my playlist of love songs from the 1970s to 1990s, deposited in my mind through core childhood memories. These days, I find myself a captive audience, too, of music that sits in hugot territory, best represented by the nine-piece Filipino band Ben&Ben.

Therein lies the commercial aptitude of the band edging out their mastery of emotion by a little: they know the significance of a moment. I have heard the critique from a musical standpoint, which I can comprehend on a general level. Being saccharine all over, the songs are sometimes too linear, the lyrics too literal. That little room is allowed for musical complexity, which is to say they have not experimented much sonically.

The critiques are somewhat familiar. I have heard similar things more than a decade ago aimed at pogi rock bands and their music. Ben&Ben diverges, and the honesty they let their fans consume is a strategy propping up their success. This has become vital in a world where virtual and public spaces serve as confessionals. 041b061a72


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