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paradise naked teen

Austrian weirdmeister Ulrich Seidl's sometimes grueling butconsistently compelling "Paradise" trilogy concludes on asurprisingly wistful, tender note with "Paradise: Hope," an accountof a teenager experiencing first love at fat camp. This is the mostaccessible, commercially viable installment of the three, even allowing forthe fact that it pivots on the taboo subject of desire across a 40-year agegap, handled here with discretion, sensitivity and admirable honesty. Takingshave been strictly niche in the few territories where the other chapters havebowed theatrically, but the full set will find peace in the ancillaryafterlife with arthouse auds.

First seen briefly at the very beginning of the trilogy'sfirst installment, "Paradise: Love," Melanie (Melanie Lenz, anon-pro thesp who was 13 when the film was shot) is the daughter of"Love's" heroine, Teresa (never seen here), and the niece of"Faith's" Anna Maria (Maria Hofstaetter). The story opens withAnna Maria drop ping off Melanie, nicknamed Melli, at a camp for overweightteens in Austria's Wechsel Mountains.

However, in keeping with the naked honesty of Seidl's work,which has never shied away from ugly or uncomfortable truths, it'sequally obvious that Melli is an eager participant, even an instigator, inthis game of seduction--not that it lets the doctor off the moral hook.Arguably the film's saddest moment is when Melli tells Verena she thinksthe reason the doctor won't have sex with her is because she's toofat or not pretty enough, not because she's only 13. Like her mother in"Love," Melli is alternately filled with self-loathing about herown zaftig body and unashamed to flaunt it in short skirts for a disastrousnight down at the local dance hall with Verena. Give the kid a few years anda liberal-arts degree, and she could be Austria's answer to Lena Dunhamin "Girls."

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