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[S1E5] Power Trip

Power Trip:After Mr. Smitty leaves temporally, with Rocko in charge, Filbert is hired to help out. Rocko goes crazy with power and Really Really Big Man is called in for help.To Heck and Back:While dining at the local Chokey Chicken, Heffer chokes on his food and has a near-death experience in which he meets Peaches, the lord of the underworld.

[S1E5] Power Trip

On this week's episode of Below Deck Adventure, Oriana went behind chief stew Faye's back and ordered for a second epaulet in an effort to promote herself to second stew. However, the chief stew had not designated any title to the fellow stews Oriana and Kasie. Throughout the episode, Oriana also mentioned that she would date men "in the position of power."

The Below Deck Adventure cast members were settling in for the guests' departure when Lewis mentioned to Oriana about ordering more epaulets as his were wrong. Oriana then mentioned that she only had one stripe. Lewis thought that she was the second stew and was missing a stripe, and offered to order one for her as well, to which she agreed.

Previously, Oriana had mentioned that she only dated people in power. When a Bravo producer asked if she had dated someone on the boat she was working on, the Below Deck Adventure cast member mentioned that she had dated a Captain.

"Power Hungry" was written by consulting producer Jason Cahill and playwright Julia Cho,[1] each of which would go on to write other first season episodes.[2][3] Christopher Misiano directed the installment.[4] According to Fringe co-creator Roberto Orci, series writers often approached episodes' fringe cases by coming up with an idea and then asking science consultants to "justify it scientifically."[5][6] For "Power Hungry", Cho and others brainstormed the concept of a computer virus being able to spread to humans. She explained, "And through kneading that idea over and over again, we came up with the idea of a character, Joseph, who would start waking up to this power of his to be able to actually control electronic- or computer-driven devices."[6] New Media consultant and scientist Glen Whitman, who later co-wrote some Fringe episodes,[7][8] noted that the science depicted in the episode was not totally impossible. "It is true that human beings as a result of the electrical activity in our brains, we do all have a very very weak magnetic field around our heads," he said. "And that's in part what is sensed by an EEG. So the notion was, 'how can you amplify that'"?[6]

The chase scene involving Joseph and Olivia required much preparation, as the crew had to simulate an exploding transformer. Special effects coordinator Conrad Brink used a "mechanical trip" to support an electrical cable, which he then strung to the other side of the adjacent road using a pole. The crew filled the fuse box with "sparking devices", meant to give the appearance of an exploding transformer and power lines. Demonstrating this, Brink noted, "What happens is the panel cover will blow off, sparks will come out, the cable will go up, sparking down to the ground." Misiano said of the sequence, "This young man runs by an electrical box and it blows up. It really blew!" The director added that guest actor Ebon Moss-Bachrach later told him, "that was actually really scary" to film.[9] After he filmed his character hitting Joseph with a crow bar, actor Joshua Jackson joked, "Finally I'm going to get a little respect on this set."[9]

During the road trip Clarkson suddenly pulls over due to a leg cramp while driving the 4C. Later, he challenges Hammond and May to weigh their cars to prove that the 4C is lighter, using an improvised scale and animal carcasses as counterweight. The scale breaks just as Hammond is about to remove the MX-5 from it, and the crew are ordered to leave the premises due to their use of animal carcasses.

Homelander also makes a special trip to see Madelyn Stillwell (Elisabeth Shue), who chides him for not giving a more moderate speech. Being a creep, he dismisses her whole life as unimportant, even calling her baby an accessory.

They begin to encounter little orange glowing trickles coming down from the ceiling, then large clusters of pools of molten rock. They hear footsteps farther down the tunnel. Vax and Vex scout ahead and discover two giant ogres dragging a cart. The twins set a trap by holding a rope across the tunnel, and the lead creature trips over it. At that, they call for Grog, who is all too eager to fight.

Alex, Justin, and Max are leaving for school and Theresa tells Alex to put a jacket on which