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Ab Bulk Mailer 8.2 Crack

Ab Bulk Mailer 8.2 Crack: A Risky Way to Send Mass Emails for Free

If you are looking for a way to send mass emails to your subscribers without paying for a service, you might have come across Ab Bulk Mailer 8.2 Crack. This is a modified version of Ab Bulk Mailer, a software that allows you to create and send personalized email campaigns to your subscribers. Ab Bulk Mailer has many features, such as:

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  • An email editor that lets you design HTML or plain text emails with images, attachments, and links.

  • A contact manager that lets you import and export your contacts from various sources, such as Excel, CSV, Outlook, Gmail, etc.

  • A scheduler that lets you set up your email campaigns to be sent at a specific time and date.

  • A spam checker that lets you test your emails for spam score and deliverability.

  • A report generator that lets you track the performance of your email campaigns, such as open rate, click rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, etc.

However, Ab Bulk Mailer is not a free software. It costs $30 for a single license and $100 for a lifetime license. If you want to use it for free, you might be tempted to download Ab Bulk Mailer 8.2 Crack from the internet. This is a cracked version of the software that bypasses the license verification and lets you use it without paying.

Why You Should Avoid Ab Bulk Mailer 8.2 Crack

While Ab Bulk Mailer 8.2 Crack might seem like a good deal, it is actually a risky and illegal way to send mass emails. Here are some of the reasons why you should avoid using it:

  • It is against the law. Using cracked software is a form of piracy, which is a criminal offense in many countries. You could face legal consequences if you are caught using it or distributing it.

  • It is unsafe. Cracked software often contains malware, viruses, or spyware that can harm your computer or steal your personal information. You could lose your data, compromise your security, or expose your identity to hackers.

  • It is unreliable. Cracked software often has bugs, errors, or glitches that can affect its functionality or performance. You could experience crashes, freezes, or failures when using it. You could also lose your email campaigns or contacts if the software corrupts or deletes them.

  • It is unethical. Using cracked software is unfair to the developers who spent time and money creating it. You are depriving them of their rightful income and discouraging them from making more quality products.

What You Should Use Instead of Ab Bulk Mailer 8.2 Crack

If you want to send mass emails for free, there are better alternatives than using Ab Bulk Mailer 8.2 Crack. Here are some of them:

  • Use a free email marketing service. There are many online platforms that offer free email marketing services for small businesses or individuals. Some of the popular ones are Mailchimp, Sendinblue, and Moosend. These platforms let you create and send professional email campaigns to your subscribers with various features and analytics.

  • Use an open source email marketing software. There are also some open source software that let you create and send mass emails from your own server or computer. Some of the well-known ones are Mautic, PHPList, and OpenEMM. These software give you more control and flexibility over your email campaigns, but they also require more technical skills and resources to set up and maintain.

  • Use a paid email marketing software. If you have the budget and want more advanced features and support, you can also opt for a paid email marketing software. Some of the reputable ones are Constant Contact, AWeber, and GetResponse. These software offer more options and benefits for your email marketing needs, such as automation, segmentation, personalization, etc.


Ab Bulk Mailer 8.2 Crack is a risky and illegal way to send mass emails for free. It can cause you legal, security, and ethical problems, as well as damage your reputation and deliverability. You should avoid using it and instead use a legitimate and reliable email marketing solution that suits your goals and budget.


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